The Different Types Of Ads

May 9, 2016

Once you get the hang of things with one ad type you'll want to explore others. Remember, keeping it simple when first starting is a big key. Start with simple page post engagement ads until you get your first few sales with paid traffic. Then once you've ran a few, looked at data a few times, and learned from the basic experience of running a couple ads... then, move on to trying a few ad types. There is several of them out there and Facebook is always growing, changing, and adapting so that can change over time as well. I've had most of my success with page post engagement ads and then my second most success has came from website click ads and website conversion ads that we'll cover on another day. For now, take a look at all the ad types you can run in the video I made for you. Remember, simple first, get some campaigns up and some sales. Then make things more complicated with more ad types once you've got that mastered.

Here is a video going over all the ad types and talking about which products they work well for and when to use them. Enjoy :)