Mockups And Templates For Our Best Selling Products

May 15, 2016

One of the MOST important, and most grossly under-rated pieces of a successful campaign is the mockups that you use in your advertising.

Consider an upsell on a campaign for one moment.

Everyone adds upsells to campaigns and sales-funnels in any market to increase ROI. It's usually done as an afterthought. But, it definitely does work and it definitely does increase ROI. But, even the best upsell won't effect the traffic that didn't buy.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that the deeper in your advertising funnel you are, the less effect it has on the entire funnel.

So, the BIGGEST factor that you can control outside of how good your design and targeting are is how good your advertising photo is.

The advertising "creative" that you use is hands down the most important part of your campaign outside of how good the product itself is that you are promoting.

It's the FIRST thing that someone sees. They see it before deciding to read your ad, then once they read your ad they click your link, then after that they decide if they want to add it to their cart, and then they finally decide if they want to complete their purchase and convert into a sale.

So, I think we both can agree that this is IMPORTANT.

Here's what I do.

I first realize, i suck at graphics. Yep, horrible. Can't even draw a solid stick figure. So, you're not going to get some awesome design training from me. I might interview someone on it at some point that is awesome at it, but it sure won't be me teaching. What I CAN give you though is the exact same templates that I use.

It's pretty simple, I just tell my designers to also put them on the corresponding mockups for me for my ads. Simple. It takes them almost no more time at all and i've never seen a designer charge extra for it because it's such a simple task for them. So, if you're designing your own products... well then you already know how to use these anyways... and if you're not... do what I do... have designers submit all the tests with matching mockups. Works like a charm, only requires a little bit more prep, and will have a drastic effect on the success of your campaigns.

Your mockups are below, I've sectioned them out by product for you.

NEWEST UPDATE - MAY 20TH - Women's 1200x1200 Tank Tops: Click Here


NEW UPDATE - Mens 1200x1200 Tank Tops: Click Here




* White/Black *




Mockups With People Holding The Mug 1200x1200:

Mockups 1200x628 (grunge/antique backgrounds in .jpg) ad photos:

* Metallic *



Showcase Of All Metallic Mugs In 1 Ad Photo:

* Color-Changing *

Color Changing PNG 1200x1200:

Color Changing PSD Files:

Note: there are SEVERAL PSD files in there so it's going to be a big file. Go ahead and download it, but it might take a while to completely save.




Circle Pendant 1200x1200:

Heart AND Square Pendants 1200x1200:

PSD files for Circle Pendant:

PSD files for Heart & Square Pendant:




Men Models In Shirts (1200x1200):

Women Models In Shirts (1200x1200):

Women Models In Shirts (more colors than above 1200x1200):


Whew, that was a lot. :)

Those are pretty much all of the mockups that we have for our top selling products. I'm sure over time this will grow to be one of the most expansive template libraries online for physical products. As we continue to add new products we will have to update our templates quite often so make sure and bookmark this page. You'll find yourself coming back to it time and time again for proven templates in an easy to find place.

Alrighty, this one took a bit to write and I still have to format it to make it look halfway decent for you :)

'til the next one.